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Rocklin Group Fitness

“I will not just lead you through a workout I know, but a workout routine that I know will work for you”

If the camaraderie of like minded people is what you have in mind then MHF group fitness is for you. Our groups are designed for any age or fitness level. If you’re recovering from a knee replacement or you’re an elite athlete training to be at the top of your game; MHF group is for you. MHF keeps the groups small to ensure your fitness training session is customized specifically for you and your individual needs and goals. With MHF group you are actually receiving a personal training session with the camaraderie and the fun atmosphere of a group. The traditional boot camp we are not; our priority is; is that you get the best work out possible for your individual needs and goals. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter workout with MHF and every session brings a brand new workout. MHF’s up most priority is to keep clients injury free while getting them the best workout possible. Flexibility, balance, cardio and weight training; all in one short hour; which will be “the best hour of your day”.

What you can expect from MHF:

Instruction and guidance from a certified fitness trainer with 20 years training experience, a licensed Nurse and a Rehabitionation specialist.

Non-judgmental and fun supportive atmosphere with the camaraderie of like minded people

Custom designed program to maximize results in the minimal amount of time.

Accountability (not only to the Trainer but to the group).

Nutrition guidance & Counseling

Realistic goal setting

Safe injury free training

Does not advocate extreme diets or exercise


Okay let’s get started:

Before you join our group we set up a 2 hour Assessment/Evaluation appointment. In this session we will cover the four fundamentals of fitness:

1). cardiovascular training

2). Strength training

3). Flexibility

4.) Nutrition

Goal setting, nutrition and supplements will be addressed as well. Becoming fit is a total package of everything addressed; at MHF we leave no stone unturned. We want to make sure you have the knowledge to make your fitness goals a reality. A thorough medical background assessment, fitness testing, measurements and fat to muscle ratio are needed to ensure your success.

Upon completesion of your 2 hour assessessment session you will be ready to join any one (or all) of our group fitness classes.

See Calendar for schedule of existing group classes

Starting your own group:

Would you like the camaraderie of your family or close friends? Arrange your own group and MHF will come to your home or you can bring your group to our private studio. At MHF we strive to fit “getting fit” into your lifestyle; again to ensure your success.